Tonnino Nero d'Avola

The Tonnino Estates are nestled in the Belice Valley, in Sicily.  The ideal soil composition, geographic location, and climate all create the perfect environment in which to produce extraordinary wines.

Made of 100% Nero d'Avola grapes that are harvested in mid-September, Tonnino Nero d'Avola is a fantastic red wine to pair with a delicious meal.  On the nose, the obvious hints of blueberry meld into brighter tones of wild berries.  Nero d'Avola shows a full mid-body with round tannins, balanced acidity, and persistence with a fruity finish.  The high acid make it a perfect accompaniment to any dish containing high acid (such as tomato sauce) or protein (such as steak).

Pairs well with:  grilled meat, pasta with tomato or pesto sauce, and seasoned pecorino cheese.