Prosecco 101

Italo Cescon Prosecco

Published on October 02, 2017

Prosecco is a common surrogate for Champagne. However, Prosecco is fermented through the Charmat method, meaning that it takes place in a closed tank.  Made primarily in the district of Valdobbiadene, in the Veneto region, sparkling Prosecco is  one of the most appreciated and consumed wines in the world.  One of the distinctive characteristics of Prosecco is the perlage, the numerous and persistent small bubbles ascending and forming the so-called “chains” transmitting the perception of small and precious pearl necklaces. Italo Cescon Prosecco has a lively floral and fruit fragrance with nuances of golden apple.  The fresh, distinctive wine is full-bodied and well supported by ripe fruit and impressions of spring blossoms that linger nicely. It pairs well with seafood and appetizers. Stay tuned for Prosecco recipe ideas you can use this holiday season!