Does the Wine Glass Really Matter

Wine glasses

Published on June 12, 2014

Does the Wine Glass Really Matter?

By:  Lindsey Turner

Have you ever wondered why each type of wine seems to have its own individually shaped glass? Does it even make a difference? Try this experiment to find out!

Step 1. Pick a wine, any wine that you have and pour it into three different types of wine glasses. 
Step 2. Swirl and smell the wine in each glass. 
Step 3. Taste the wine in each glass.
The shape of each glass will bring out different smells and tastes of the wine. Hints of fruits may be more noticeable in one glass and floral scents or tastes in another.
The thickness of the lip of the glass will change the taste, too. The lip determines where the wine touches your tongue. A thicker rim will place the wine farther back, while a thin lip places it closer to the tip. Taste buds pick up different attributes of the wine, depending on their location on the tongue.
Could you tell a difference in the smells and tastes of your wine when you tried it from different glasses? Let us know what you found!